Preston Miles

preston-miles-las-vegasLounge Singer Preston Miles remembers the first time he ever heard Nat King Cole sing “Unforgettable.” He was just a kid at the time and was going through some old records and came across one of his “Best Of” albums. As he stared at the cover and listened, all je could think about was how smooth his voice was, how sharply dressed he was and how much he wanted to sing like him. Every since that day, he has been a fan and admirer of his music, style and legacy. What is cool you ask? Nat is cool! The photo at the beginning of this video was created in honor of him and the 2005 Capital Records release The World of Nat King Cole. Along with it, he has released a promo video that captures Preston’s love for the music of Nat’s era featuring interviews and some of his favorite tunes to sing.