The 8’3″ Adventurer

todd-mclain Las Vegas Performer

Todd McClain – Captain Tall Tale

Captain Tall Tale is an 8’3″ Adventurer. Exploring and teaching  health, fitness, dancing, animal ambassadorship, and culture. He teaches the 3 steps to a safe Adventure, “Prepare, Explore, and Share. A high energy performer that entertains by jumping rope, puppeteering, telling stories and much more! See his awesome videos page to see the excitement he brings.

The Captain is available to perform at any event including schools, libraries, birthday parties, conventions, community events, parades, charity walks, grand openings, and any event that needs more excitement.

The Captain is currently residing in Southern Nevada and is happy to travel anywhere you need him to entertain.

About Todd: Todd McClain is the owner of  “Captain Tall Tale, LLC” a children’s entertainment company and publisher. He is the creator and performer in “Captain Tall Tale’s Adventure Club” a puppet show that teaches adventure. He is the author of the children’s book “Captain Tall Tale: How Captain Tall Tale Became Tall Series.”

Todd has been a performer since he was a child, writing and performing in his own puppet shows. He has been a performer at Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, LegoLand, and Universal Studios as a stilt walker, actor, puppeteer, stunt man and a dancer. While working for Moodoo Puppets he performed 200 puppet shows a year.

His dream is to have his own children’s television show and is currently working toward making that dream a reality through his awesome character, Captain Tall Tale.